Peace Culture and Gallery

by Alexandre Sattler

Peace is a State of Mind: It is an emotion coming from the higher-self and has various tools to be found in human consciousness. I think peace is an ability that we all can develop; the taste of peace can help us, people, nation,and Mother Earth. People are ignorant; we forget about our emotion and focus too much on our external life. How about observing, analyzing and finding out how and why we are controlled by our mind. If we let go of our ego, and try to understand universal love, we can clearly see that all of us are not dependent or independent but interdependent, and then others become our brothers and sisters.

Peaceful Mind: It has a lot of influence on our external world…many ways to this powerful attitude like meditation, vegetarianism, organic farming, and changing our conception of ego, then we might be ready to live in peace. May all the alive being find peace!

Peace and Art: Art is an expression of our intuition, emotion and ideas; humans are creative creatures. By letting this creativity get out, I think we need to not focus on external world but on our inner divinity. Developing art is one of the tools we all have to walk on a peaceful path.

Pokara in Nepal

See the world through eyes of children and express your emotion; peace is near.

Mekong river in Laos

Mekong river, water is golden blue, it’s the life itself, just look at this picture and feel it, you might be in a peaceful state of mind.

Hmong from Sapa in Vietnam

Knowledge comes from learning. Wisdom comes through letting go of what you think you know.

Zen Garden in Japan

Harmony can easily be observed in nature, once we face the beauty of life, our mind is filled with serenity, tranquility and peace.

About Alexandre Sattler

Alexandre Sattler is a freelance photographer based in Alsace, France. He is a founder of the French association, called ‘Regard’Ailleurs’. He works for a radio company, producing video documentaries and photo reports. He loves travelling and sharing the joys with people he meets. For him, photography is a way to get closer to others and connect people together. Photography is not only what the eyes can see, but it’s also what the heart can feel. He also does audio and video reportage during his trips.

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