BOOK REVIEW: Toto-Chan: The Little Girl at the Window

Toto-Chan: The Little Girl at the Window
Written by Patcharee Pabua
Translated by Boonsan Ransikarbum
Based on the true story of author, Tetsuko Kuroyanagi. Toto-Chan: The Little Girl at the Window is all about a little girl called Toto and the time when she was studying at an elementary school in Tokyo, Japan. Toto-Chan was dismissed from the school because she annoyed other classmate and also her teacher by opening and closing her desk throughout study time. Besides, she also talked to the Jindongya, a group of musicians carrying advertisement signs and wandering around the street next to the school. Eventually, Toto-Chan’s mother enrolled her in a new school, Tomoe Elementary School.Tomoe Elementary School has the strangest curriculum in town, and its classroom is not the room, but a train cabin with 50 students.Furthermore, the classroom would start the day with the most wanted subject selected by the kids,moreover; there is the principal who keeps listening to Toto-Chan forfour hour continually. The sports day at Tomoe Elementary School was designed for the disfigured children to win all of the competition with variety vegetables are rewarded to their mothers cooking athome.
Toto-Chan discovered her new world giving her freedom to learn, especially for kids. Many stories happened while she was studying here to live, learn, and play together with her friends peacefully.

“Toto-Chan:  The Little Girl at the Window” let us question the way parents raise their children, and the curious way of seriously teaching in the school nowadays, and as well as to create the alternative of learning management process to the child.